2014 Annual Tech and drivers physicals

SCCA Annual Tech and Driver Physicals

Nelson Ledges, Saturday, April 19, 9 to noon.

For physical appointment contact Debbie LaFond at fastlady1026@yahoo.com or 440-946-2207.

Tech Inspections are on a first come, first serve basis.  Weather permitting they will be done by the registration area at the track.  If you have a new car or one that needs an additional logbook please contact us in advance as well.

Ne Ohio and Steel Cities Driver school and Double Regional

We have added a Practice day on Saturday, for those drivers that would like some more track time before the Sunday Double Regional. Cost is $125.00 for Approx 80 minute of track time. You have to be entered in the Sunday race to take advantage of this offer.

Please sign up if you plan on attending


Steel Cities and NeOhio have joined force to present a one day driver school and one day Double Regional. We will be having a group for Vintage driver to full-fill their requirement to race vintage events at the driver school, and a group on Sunday for them also, to allow for new and seasoned racer to come out. The Sunday Double Regional will be part of the Kryderacing Series, also any student completing their driver school on Saturday will be Eligible  to run the Sunday Double Regional toward getting their Competition License.

2014 School and Regional

2014 Driver School Sups